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LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — Being a parent can be really hard, especially when you’re not sure what’s normal or what needs to be looked at.
Speakeasy Therapy Services has help available for parents
Kelsey explains what a physician therapy tele-visit looks like. She also explains other questions about Mom & Baby therapy sessions.
Kelsey is a doctor of physical therapy who treats the perinatal and birth to five populations using a holistic approach. She includes neurodevelopmental, manual and biofeedback techniques combined with exercise and uses a coaching style during treatment sessions. Kelsey is currently offering virtual and clinic based sessions with the hope of providing realistic strategies to create lasting change for the families in the Las Vegas community.
Sonya Hagberg, talks about torticollis and when it is important to ask your pediatrician for a physical therapy referral.
Sonya attended the Mayo Clinic School of Health Science and received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy. She is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

How to find the perfect masks for kids
How does speech therapy help with feeding issues? Owner, Kelley Carter, explains how children can benefit from feedings issues.

What does speech pathology have to do with feeding/eating? Is your child is a mouth breather, are they having trouble with eating and speech, and how can a speech pathologist help? Owner, Kelley Carter explains.

How can Orofacial Myology treatment benefit your child? Kelley Carter, owner of Speakeasy Therapy explains. Kelley is one of only two certified and trained therapists in Las Vegas trained in this type of therapy.

Our Physical Therapist, Sonya, talking about “Posture and how to improve the desk environment for kids when they are distance learning.

How A Passion Turned Into Helping A Community

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