I have two children that go to Speakeasy. They love it, and get excited to go. When we started my son could barely speak and within 6 months or so he’s putting 3 word sentences together. Friendly, easy going atmosphere.

R. King

I love taking my child to SpeakEasy! Everyone else we have seen or thought about seeing doesn’t even compare to the experience at SpeakEasy. My child’s vocabulary has exploded in the past few months, he’s a completely different child and is so much happier with his newfound freedom that comes with his improved communication skills! I highly recommend it!

A. Gates

When we began with Speakeasy my son who is on the Autism Spectrum was just beginning to speak in one to two word phrases. It did not take long before we were seeing significant progress with him. Speakeasy did an excellent job of reading my son’s non verbal communication. They moved with him as he was ready and it never felt forced like some of the therapy can present for the Autism Spectrum. They seemed to know when it was best to push and when it was better to give him the space he needed. They stayed respectful of my sons needs and always had a professional demeanor. My family and I really came to hold Speakeasy in high regard. They became not only a support system to my son but to myself. Speakeasy went above and beyond her tasks for speech therapy and for that I am so grateful.

L. Parisoff

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