My son has improved so much since he started speech therapy at Speakeasy. The office is clean, professional and perfect for any kid. They have a large variety of toy’s to get my son interested, focused and enjoy therapy. I definitely recommend this place.

K. Cobie

With the help of Speakeasy Therapy my son has gone from 60% of me understanding him to 80% in about 8 months. Even at 60% there was a lot of daily guesswork and constant frustration for my son who started to slap or stomp when we misunderstood. For friends and family communication with him was even less. Everyone has noticed and commented on the difference with his speech. His interactions with other children have changed too now that other kids can understand him. All of these changes are due to visiting Speakeasy twice a week and their targeted therapy that focused on his language weaknesses, using age appropriate techniques in a fun atmosphere. Speakeasy Therapy has widen the doors of communication with my son. Thank you.

Smith Family

We were very happy with our time at Speakeasy. Each session was personalized to her needs, professional, and also fun for my young daughter! I would highly recommend it!

L. Boyd

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