Upcoming Trainings

Feeding Foundations: The Kaleidoscope Model

We are excited to be present TalkTools’ new feeding course, Feeding Foundations™


Participants will:

* Learn how anatomy/structure impacts feeding.
* Understand the WHOLE sensory system.
* Identify readiness cues for transitioning from bottle/breast to the table.
* Assess typical vs. atypical feeding.
* Apply essential problem-solving strategies for a successful feeding plan for the client and the caregiver.


When you train with TalkTools, you can always expect interactive learning, real-time case studies, and practical techniques to see right away!


Link to Register: https://talktools.tiny.us/Feeding-Foundations-Nevada.

Understanding the Orofacial Complex

This course will provide the participant a comprehensive understanding of the foundations in orofacial myology. Parameters will include developmental anatomy/physiology, dental, speech, medical etiologies, diagnostics, treatment planning, habit elimination, ethical scope of practice considerations and the didactic interaction of the orofacial complex from birth.


August 10-12, 2023 


Link to Register: https://orofacialcomplex.com/?fbclid=IwAR1rHM0vUvAaA-Ikn2CHcmWrJZvFRM0pHozncxzFVrNLk9cL62O-gwETeFg

Total Motion Release, TMR TOTS Level I: Focus on the Pediatric Patient, Presented By Susan Blum, PT, TMRc

TMR uses the ICF model and follows an 8-step process to identify limitations in mobility and their connection with functional outcomes which match caregiver concerns. Range of motion and/or control improves using indirect techniques by understanding the relationship between a hypo mobile area in one area creating hyper mobility elsewhere. When postural symmetry improves the patient can better access control. Caregivers are instructed in family friendly therapeutic play and position activities to incorporate into daily routines. Therapeutic positions are in the direction of ease which is well received by patients as it is a pain free concept. Functional outcomes are rechecked post treatment.

Total Motion Release‐Level 1 will provide extensive lab time for the therapist to learn the foundational TMR concepts, a systematic process to identify restriction in mobility, the single plane exercises, combos and alternative positions. The student will also be introduced to increasing range of motion with a pain free method, strengthening, postural control, transitions, weight shifting, pre‐gait and gait training.

A unique feature of the Tots course is individualized post course coaching and support for the attendees. Post‐course coaching by phone and email helps therapists master the TMR concepts and is included in the price of the course. This training is specially designed for PT, OT, PTA and COTA, LMT professionals working in Early Intervention, School‐based Programs, Pediatric Sports Medicine, and Rehabilitation Programs.

OCTOBER 21-22, 2023

Link to register: https://tmrtots.com/totsseminars